As the weather breaks, a growing number of people will pull their motorcycle out of the garage and hit the open road. If this sounds familiar, make sure you prepare accordingly before you jump in the saddle.

There are a variety of safety tips you can follow when riding your motorcycle this spring. These three will give you peace of mind:

  • Watch for changing weather conditions: Even though it’s warming up, the weather can still take a turn for the worse without much notice. If you’re on your bike when it begins to rain or the wind picks up, change your driving style to protect yourself. And if you’re not comfortable, pull to a safe place and wait out the storm.
  • Beware of potholes: After a harsh winter, the local roadways are often full of potholes and cracks. This may not be a big deal to those operating a motor vehicle, but it can throw you for a curve as a motorcyclist.
  • Inspect your motorcycle: Proper maintenance is critical to your safety, so inspect your motorcycle and make any necessary repairs before hitting the road. For example, your tires may have lost air over the winter season. If you don’t inflate them according to manufacturer specifications, it harms your ability to drive safely.

When you follow these safety tips, you’ll be more confident in your ability to avoid trouble when riding your motorcycle this spring.

If another driver causes trouble on the road, such as someone who runs a red light and strikes you in an intersection, take the steps necessary to stabilize your health and hold the person responsible for their negligence.