Back Injury
 Focused Attorney

Attorney Dan McCormick decided to focus on back injuries 
after witnessing how these disabling injuries change
 peoples’ lives forever. Fortunately, in the right hands, the 
law is there to provide financial help for what medicine 
cannot fix.

Attorney McCormick is an avid learner and teacher of back 
injuries. For many years, he has attended medical seminars 
to learn, and presents at legal seminars.

Whether in the context of a workers’ compensation claim
 or an automobile accident, back injuries present unique
 complexities. McCormick’s depth of knowledge and 
experience on this subject gives him an extraordinarily high
 success rate with these types of cases.

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Workers’ Compensation 
Back Injury

For many years we have been known as the go to 
law firm for serious work-related back injuries, 
whether due to a single on the job accident or
 from lifting job duties over time. Most of our
 cases involve degenerative, bulging or herniated 
discs, often resulting in surgery. Our clients come 
from all occupations, with a concentration from 
the constructions trades, factory workers, 
truckers, warehouse, and nursing occupations.

Automobile Collision
 Back Injury

Our firm works to help clients who have been hurt 
in car accidents recover the compensation they
 need, including damages for medical bills, lost 
wages, pain and suffering, and disability.

We handle motor vehicle accident cases involving 
cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles and 
pedestrians that occur in Milwaukee and 
throughout Wisconsin.

Slip and Fall
 Back Injury

Slip and fall on ice accidents can occur on
 sidewalks or parking lots that are not properly
 maintained. Injuries also occur in stores and 
restaurants when water or a foreign substance is
 carelessly left in a walking area.

Our attorneys have also helped resolve cases 
involving dog bites, animal attacks, swimming
 and diving accidents, and others incidents. 
Contact us for a free consultation to discuss if we
 can help you.

Social Security Disability
 Back Injury

SSD benefits are there for working people who 
can no longer work. Many injured workers are
 eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in 
addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

There is an offset but an experienced
 workers’ compensation attorney can navigate you 
through the legal maze so you maximize your




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Successful Cases

* This is a small sample of successful results in these types of cases. Every case is different and while results in one case are not
a predictor of the same result in a similar case, the experience of past cases help us better serve our clients in current cases.

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