One of the most dangerous situations a motorcyclist can be in is when they are approaching a car, truck or SUV that is turning left. No matter how closely you watch, you cannot always tell if the driver can see you. There is always the chance that they will try to turn before you have passed and crash into you, or else force you to ditch out to avoid a collision.

Left-turn motorcycle accidents are all too common in the Milwaukee area. Sometimes, the driver thought they could sneak past before the motorcycle reached the intersection. In other cases, the driver later admitted they did not see the rider at all because they were distracted by their phone or something else. Or they simply failed to look.

All motorcycle crashes are dangerous to the rider because they do not have the safety devices four-wheeled vehicles do, such as seat belts and airbags. That is why riders are so vigilant, but ultimately there may not be anything they can do about a motorist turning directly into their path. They may only have a second or two before disaster.

Example of a tragic left-turn motorcycle collision

A left-turn collision recently caused the death of a rider in Racine. The victim was riding south past a convenience store as a car attempted a left turn. The resulting collision killed the rider and sent another person to the hospital. While we do not have many details of this accident, it is the kind of result we see when a motorist acts carelessly when turning left close to a motorcycle.

Know your rights after a serious motorcycle wreck

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, a conversation with a personal injury attorney could help set your mind at ease about your path to financial compensation.