Many people have had to deal with the loss of a loved one because of an accident, a crime or an injury caused by a defective product. Just last month we shared the story of a Wisconsin woman killed in a car accident involving an elderly car driver and a third vehicle, a flatbed truck. It was pointed out that when someone’s negligence causes a fatal accident, survivors may want to consider a wrongful death legal action to help with expenses, hold the responsible person or business accountable and provide financial security for those left behind.

Liability means a financial obligation. When liability is assessed and combined with legal accountability, surviving families can often find ways to move on after a tragedy. The practical side of things includes paying funeral and medical bills. Families with children to support must figure out how to manage future financial and emotional needs they’ll face. Regardless of any criminal charges a responsible driver may face, a civil wrongful death lawsuit is an option to be considered.

If a property owner’s negligence causes a slip and fall, drowning or other fatal accident, it’s known as premises liability. Once again, responsible persons can be held accountable by seeking compensation in court.

There are other reasons for a wrongful death complaint to be filed in Wisconsin. Medical malpractice, some criminal acts that result in a fatality and a dangerous or defective product that causes death may provide a cause of action basis to seek help from the legal system.

No award of money can lessen the pain and suffering these types of losses inflict. But if an experienced review of the facts supports legal action, some measure of comfort for families and friends can be had through this approach. Strong negotiations may lead to an out-of-court settlement. If not, trial and a jury may provide the right solutions for recovery.

Source: Dan McCormick, “Milwaukee Premises Liability, Products Liability and Other Personal Injury Liability Attorneys” Sep. 04, 2014