Mover job injuries very often involve low back injuries and to a lesser degree neck injuries. The nature of movers job duties lends itself to both traumatic, single incident work-related injuries and to work-related back conditions from repetitive lifting over time. Although it is rare to encounter an older mover, most movers having left the field long before approaching retirement years. Moving is a physically demanding job, movers must be in good physical condition and able to lift heavy objects repeatedly over periods of many hours.

Movers transport furniture, household items, and office equipment, from homes and businesses. Movers operate vehicles and mechanical equipment to package, load, unloading, and transport of materials in a safe and secure manner, almost always under time constraints. Time is money. In Wisconsin, summer is prime time for moving companies, and movers often work long hours accumulating overtime during this time. However, in other times, movers may not get full-time hours as the demand slows down. Because fo the difficult physical demands of the job, movers have one of the highest rates of accidents and injuries.

In loading and unloading furniture and equipment onto and off trucks, movers ensure that appropriate padding and ropes are used to prevent damage.

Movers operates forklifts, mechanical lift gates, and mechanical platforms to facilitate loading and unloading of materials, as appropriate to the job. Mover also use special hand trucks or dollies, and must safely navigating stairs on a regular basis.

Job duties include the ability to follow routine verbal and written instructions, as well as the ability to engage and interact with customers in a businesslike setting.

The ability to safely operate a large moving truck, is necessary to most moving jobs. Physically, moving jobs are extremely demanding with lifting requirements well in excess of 100 lbs. with the ability to lift and manipulate heavy objects on the go. Pushing and pulling is often in excess of 250 lbs. Movers engage in repetitive bending, lifting, twisting and turning on a continuous basis during the course of their long days.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin McCormick Law Office attorneys get the best results for mover job related injuries when a traumatic injury is appropriately documented or the job duties over time are documented as contributing to the physical symptoms. We see herniated discs in the lumbar spine and cervical spine on a regular basis for movers. This may result in pain injections, physical therapy and even back surgery or neck surgery such as discectomy, laminectomy or fusion surgery. Many movers are unwilling or reluctant to file workers compensation claims for a variety of reasons. Movers should at least get a free consultation to see if they have a good claim.