A Wisconsin crash towards the beginning of October took the lives of three women from Germany. The accident occurred on Sunday, Oct. 1, when the rental vehicle the women were driving struck a deer. After hitting the deer, the vehicle was hit from behind by a tractor trailer. All three women were in their 20’s, according to officers.

The accident happened at night on Interstate 90 near the town of Sparta, which is located in between Milwaukee and Minneapolis. The women were 20, 20 and 22. According to authorities, the vehicle slowed down after hitting the deer, which caused the truck to slam into it from behind. After being hit by the truck, the vehicle was sent into a ditch. The truck overturned as a result of the accident. The driver of the truck, a 46-year-old man from Missouri, was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening at a local hospital.

The 15th annual deer claim study conducted by State Farm was recently released and Wisconsin made the list at number five, climbing one spot from last year. The study was conducted to determine the most deer accidents in each state across the country. The chances of hitting a deer doubles in the months of October, November and December due to their mating season.

Suffering an injury or losing a loved one in a truck accident is overwhelming. If you are the the victim of such an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney in Milwaukee can provide more information about seeking compensation.