You hope to never come in contact with an aggressive driver, but there are so many of these people that you’re likely to see them time after time.

You know the type. They yell at you if you’re “in the way.” They tailgate you in an attempt to get you to speed up. They pass you on the right and then cut you off.

Here are some critical steps to take if you encounter an aggressive driver:

  • Let them go: Don’t retaliate, such as by screaming back at them or attempting to slow them down. Move to the right-hand lane or side of the road so that they can get past you. This will immediately give you relief.
  • Don’t make eye contact: This can infuriate the other driver, especially if you combine it with words or hand movements. It’s best to keep your eyes on the road, as it helps maintain your safety.
  • Call for help: Depending on the circumstances, you may want to call 911 for assistance. For example, if the driver threatens you with a weapon, you need to report them to police. Even if they don’t do anything to you, everyone else on the road is also at risk.

Unfortunately, there are times when an encounter with an aggressive driver results in an accident. If this happens, move to safety and stay in your vehicle. Also, if the person attempts to leave the scene of the crash, take down their license plate number and any other identifying information.

It’s critical to focus on your safety and health immediately after the accident. From there, you can file an insurance claim and look into all your options for holding the aggressive driver responsible for causing the crash.