Large vehicles on the road can lead to serious accidents, especially when truck drivers or others are not paying proper attention to traffic situations. In one recent Wisconsin accident, authorities believe a dump truck driver didn’t slow down appropriately when traffic slowed at an exit ramp. The resulting multiple vehicle truck accident killed one person and injured others.

The incident occurred on July 24 on Interstate 90 in Wisconsin. A state trooper said a dump truck appeared to have started a chain reaction accident involving five more vehicles. The dump truck rear-ended a car, allegedly because the driver of the dump truck failed to slow down for traffic.

The car that was initially struck, along with the dump truck, ended up in the median following the crash. Authorities report that both vehicles caught fire. Other vehicles were pushed to the sides of the road. Accident clean-up and investigation required that the interstate be closed in both directions for several hours.

According to reports, there was at least one fatality associated with the accident. Other individuals were injured and at least two people were taken to the hospital for treatment. A spokesperson with Tri-State Ambulance said they brought two people to the hospital — one of those people was listed as having life-threatening injuries.

Individuals who are involved in any accident have a right to seek answers about the cause of the accident. If the accident was caused by the negligence or improper action of another driver or entity, and injuries or damage were caused by the incident, individuals who sustained those damages have a right to seek compensation through proper legal channels.