Wisconsin settlement for a rear end accident, requires attorneys to prove the rear ending car is negligent for causing the crash.  Then the driver who rear ends you is liable to pay money for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering.

A driver must use ordinary care to keep a careful lookout ahead and see other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians that may be within or approaching the driver’s course of travel.  In addition, the driver has the duty to use ordinary care to lookout for the condition of the highway ahead and for traffic signs, markers, obstructions to vision, and other things that might warn of possible danger.  The failure to use ordinary care to keep a careful lookout is negligence.

To satisfy this duty of lookout, the driver must use ordinary care to make observations from a point where the driver’s observations would be effective to avoid the accident.  Additionally, having made the observation, the driver must then exercise reasonable judgment in calculating the position or movement of persons, vehicles, or other objects. When hazards exist because of highway conditions, volume of traffic, obstructions to view, weather, visibility, or other conditions, care must be exercised consistent with the hazards.

A person who has the duty of keeping a lookout must look with such attention and care as to see what is in plain sight.  If a person looks and does not see what is in plain sight, the person did not keep a proper lookout, and the person is just as negligent as if the person did not look at all.  The duty to look means to look efficiently.  A person who looks and fails to see what is in plain sight is in precisely the position he or she would be in if he or she did not look at all.

A driver must use ordinary care to keep his or her vehicle under proper management and control so that when danger appears, the driver may stop the vehicle, reduce speed, change course, or take other proper means to avoid injury or damage.  If a driver does not see or become aware of danger in time to take proper means to avoid the accident, the driver is not negligent as to management and control.

McCormick Law Office attorneys get the best settlement results in Milwaukee, Wisconsin rear end car accident collisions when the car damage, witnesses and accident report confirm that the other driver failed to look out as he drove.  Doctor bills, hospital bills, neck whiplash also called cervical flexion and hyperextension injury and missed work are damages caused by rear end crashes, often resulting in permanent injury if certified by and expert opinion.