For many workers, using power tools is a way of life. From construction workers to mechanics, these tools go a long way in helping them perform at a high level.

However, when used improperly, a power tool has the potential to cause serious injury or even death. Here are some safety tips you can follow to prevent trouble:

  • Always read the instruction manual: Before using a new power tool, read the instruction manual to ensure that you understand how it works, how to maintain it and other points that can keep you safe.
  • Disconnect tools when not in use: Don’t leave a tool plugged in or powered up. If you need to leave the tool, turn it off and unplug it for the time being. This helps prevent an accident upon your return or if another person stops to use it.
  • Maintain proper footing: A slip and fall when using a power tool, such as a saw, greatly increases the risk of an accident. Keep your work area free of debris and wear shoes that will provide good traction.
  • Remove damaged or defective tools from the job site: After tagging the tool as “do not use,” remove it from service and report it to your supervisor or employer.

When you follow these power tool safety tips, you’ll feel more confident about your ability to prevent an accident that causes an injury.

But if you suffer an injury despite your best efforts to remain safe, report the incident to your employer and receive medical treatment. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits.