A serious car accident on US 141 in Abrams, Wisconsin, left one man dead and others injured.

Initial reports simply indicated that a wreck had happened and that emergency response teams were on the scene. However, even those thin reports hinted at the severity of the crash, as both northbound and southbound lanes had to be closed down. On the northbound side, it was the left lane; on the southbound side, it was the right lane.

As updates came in, news agencies reported that a man from Green Bay had been killed. He was 39 years old at the time of his passing. It appears that he died at the crash scene, before emergency crews could even get him to a medical center.

Though the exact number of other people injured in the crash is unclear, there were more injuries and multiple people were taken to the hospital. It appears that the wreck was a three-car crash, but it is not clear if any passengers were involved or only drivers.

The crash happened after 9:00 in the evening on Saturday, May 5. The first department to get the call was the Oconto County Sheriff’s Office.

According to police, one vehicle had gotten a flat tire. The driver had pulled to the side of the road and parked, turning on the emergency flashers. The second car slammed into the back of that parked vehicle, and then an SUV smashed into it.

Even something as simple and common as a flat tire can lead to a deadly accident, and it is important for those involved to know all of their legal rights.

Source: NBC, “Fatal car crash in Oconto County,” May 05, 2018