As a motorcyclist, you find yourself transitioning from one type of road to the next, time and time again. For example, one minute you’re in a suburban setting, but the next, you find yourself cruising down the highway.

Riding your motorcycle on the highway takes skill, attention to detail and great caution. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your safety:

  • Make yourself visible: Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road, so you need to work extra hard to remain visible to those around you. So, do your best to avoid blind spots, such as those directly next to cars and trucks.
  • Don’t lane split: Just the same as other vehicles, it’s critical to choose a lane and stay there until you have a good reason for changing. Splitting lanes puts you at risk of a serious accident.
  • Take caution when merging: Even though your motorcycle is small, you shouldn’t take risks when merging onto the highway. For instance, you may get the urge to speed up and cut someone off, but it puts everyone at risk.
  • Change with the weather: When weather conditions change, such as dry pavement turning wet as the result of rain, alter your driving style to maintain your safety.

When you follow these tips when riding your motorcycle on the highway, you’ll feel better about your ability to remain safe while still enjoying yourself.

If you’re involved in a highway motorcycle accident, you’re likely to suffer a serious injury. This should lead you to call for help and receive immediate medical treatment. Only after this can you file an insurance claim, learn more about your legal rights and take definitive action against the negligent motorist.