If you spend any amount of time driving in Milwaukee, you know that you’ll travel through one intersection after the next. While this is second nature for most drivers, you don’t want to get lazy to the point of assuming that nothing bad could ever happen.

Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind every time you approach an intersection:

  • Make note of the traffic signal: If you don’t know if the light is green, red or yellow, there is no way of knowing what to do next. Keep your eye on the signal, as well as everything else happening around you.
  • Use your turn signal, if appropriate: If you are turning at an intersection, turn your signal on as far in advance as possible. This gives all other drivers a clear idea of your intention.
  • Slow down: Even if you have a green light, it’s best to slow down to protect yourself in the event of a mistake by another driver. For example, you could be driving through the intersection, but someone coming from the opposite direction makes a quick left turn in front of you. By slowing down, you reduce the risk of an accident.
  • Watch for pedestrians: Intersections are often crowded with pedestrians, including people who are walking, jogging and cycling.

With these safety tips, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to safely travel through the intersections you approach.

In the event of an accident at an intersection, such as one in which someone runs a red light, stay where you are, call for help and administer first aid.

There is time in the future to review the police report, file an insurance claim and take steps to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages.