Motorcycles are a lot of fun compared to cars and trucks, but they also come with dangers unmatched by other vehicles. The lack of external protection for drivers and passengers can spell danger or even death in the case of a collision.

How dangerous is riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin?

In recent years, the Badger State has been in the middle of nationwide statistics for motorcycle accidents and fatalities, so it’s not much more or less dangerous than the national average for states. Statistics show that a motorcycle crashes roughly every four hours in Wisconsin, leading to around 75 deaths per year.

When are the most likely times for a motorcycle crash?

Summer months are more popular for bikers and as a result, also the months with more accidents. Weekends, also popular times to ride, have more accidents than other days of the week. Poor visibility in the twilight and early evening hours can contribute to accidents as well.

What can bikers do to protect themselves?

Defensive riding around other vehicles is always a good idea. Distance should be maintained from cars and trucks, and close passing should be avoided. Protective gear, mainly helmets but also body protection like elbow pads and thick jackets, can reduce the trauma of a collision as well.

Do I need a lawyer after a motorcycle accident?

An attorney can help secure a financial settlement or claim in civil court if someone has been injured or killed in a motorcycle crash. Reimbursement for medical expenses and other forms of compensation may be vital in the recovery process after an accident.