Wisconsin has enough motorcycles in it to warrant special attention to motorcycle safety. From frozen roads to streetcar tracks, hazards to bikes are many and often pose a greater danger to two-wheeled vehicles than the four-wheeled ones.

What is the best way to learn how to ride a bike in Wisconsin?

Big bikes may have weight on their side, but mid-sized motorcycles are often easier to handle and maneuver for beginners or smaller bikers. This is especially important in areas with tight curves, like cities and the Mississippi River Valley.

What are the best clothes for motorcyclists?

People may think bikers wear leather to look cool, but it is one of the earliest and best natural suits of armor. Any thick material, especially with padding, that is hard to tear can protect bikers from “road rash” burns and other traumas on the pavement. Full-face helmets that leave no exposed skin may also save a life or prevent serious injury.

How can I be sure a driver sees a bike on the road?

It is very difficult to be sure, but the best way is to see a driver in his or her rearview mirror or directly through a window or windshield. That will also increase the chances that a driver spots the biker if he or she has not yet done so.

What if I have been in an accident on a motorcycle?

Once a biker has tended to safety and health needs, legal representation is a good idea. An attorney can help plan for recovery especially if financial damages are required.