It would surprise few drivers to learn that construction can add risks to a day out on the road. Construction zones often combine several hazards like restricted lanes and reduced visibility into a small area of road, which can be dangerous for both workers and drivers.

A recent season of construction on Interstate 94 is drawing to a close after it took a toll on regional traffic patterns and cars. The section between the St. Croix River and the town of Hudson in St. Croix County saw 162 crashes since April 2018. This is nearly double the number of accidents for the same section of road during all of 2017. The time, including May and June 2018, was the worst with 61 accidents, while no month in 2017 had more than 18 accidents.

Most accidents occurred in the area near the river where traffic began to back up on most days as well as an entrance to the limited-access highway where merging is common. Places where traffic speed changes quickly and more drivers add to traffic woes are often more prone to open stretches of highway.

A representative of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said that although construction often brings accidents, drivers can prevent problems by slowing down for construction zones and keeping attention on the road. It is heartening that the roads near I-94 did not see an increase in accidents.

Drivers involved in damaging or injuring car accidents may claim financial damages from reckless or negligent drivers in a lawsuit in civil court. An attorney may help judge the evidence of a car accident and help plot the best path to becoming whole.