It is always an incalculable loss when a family member or close friend dies. There is never anything that can replace a life, and it often seems cruel to try and reduce a life into a monetary sum. But in the case of accidents that are caused by other people or faulty products, the financial damages are quite real.

A hardware giant is being sued by the widow of a man who died in a fire that the lawsuit claims was caused by the company’s product. The battery pack of a personal computing device apparently overheated, which ignited a house fire that killed a man.

There are many possible causes for a malfunction in a complicated device. Manufacturers often employ subcontractors to develop new pieces of technology, and some defective parts are not discovered until after production. Many popular devices are also subject to different accessory products that malfunction during an interaction with brand products.

In a separate occasion, a similar product began emitting vapors that forced the evacuation of a retail space. Three people were treated on the scene for exposure. No recall or inspection of the device has occurred, and millions are in circulation without apparent malfunctions. This lawsuit, however, will no doubt prompt an investigation.

The makers of products that caused injuries or deaths may be liable for the costs of a life lost or time spent in recovery. An attorney can be valuable in a difficult time after an unexpected death or injury, as a lawyer can help refer to precedents for damages in the occasion, they are difficult to calculate.