The use of scaffolding is necessary to complete many jobs on construction sites. While it’s beneficial in many ways, scaffolding also increases the risk of workplace accidents.

Here are some of the most common causes of scaffolding accidents on job sites:

  • Too much weight. Scaffolding is only rated to hold so much weight at one time. Make sure you know the limit and adhere to it. Otherwise, too much weight can result in a collapse.
  • Improper set-up. There is a right and wrong way to set up scaffolding. Only properly trained workers should assemble scaffolding. A minor mistake can have serious consequences.
  • Lack of safety features. For example, scaffolding comes with safety rails that should be used at all times. However, some people neglect to use them, as they feel that they get in the way. If there’s a safety feature available to you, it’s best to use it.
  • Overcrowding. From people to tools, make sure you leave enough space on the scaffolding platform to work comfortably. Overcrowding can result in workers bumping into one another and/or tripping over tools and debris.

If you’re injured in a workplace scaffolding accident, examine yourself for injuries. Then, report the incident to your employer and seek medical assessment even if you’re feeling relatively okay. Remember that not all injuries manifest immediately following an accident.

You may find that you’ve suffered an injury that requires extensive medical treatment. If your injury will keep you out of work, the next step in your recovery is to file a workers’ compensation claim. If your claim is denied, having proper documentation at each step can bolster any appeals that you file.