Coming to terms with a child’s death as a result of an auto accident is difficult for family members. However, the event becomes almost insurmountable when parents are also crash victims.

Details of a recent fatal car accident in central Wisconsin trickled in slowly. The two-vehicle collision on Highway 93 in Pleasant Valley remains under investigation by state patrol. An accident reconstruction team was sent to determine the accident’s cause.

Eau Claire County deputies said the surface of the road at the time of the weekday morning crash was slushy, a trademark of seasonal traffic conditions. Deputies indicated the slippery mix may have caused a man driving alone on northbound Highway 93 to lose control.

The car moved across the center of the roadway and struck a second southbound vehicle with four occupants. One of the people in the second car was a 9-year-old child. All five people in the vehicles were hospitalized. The child did not survive.

The identities, ages, extent of injuries and medical conditions of the surviving accident victims were not included in published reports. Reports were unclear about the relationship between the child and the other occupants of the vehicle in which he was riding.

Investigators from Eau Claire County and the state patrol might determine that the accident was unintentional. Criminal charges could be lodged if it is found the lone driver was driving too fast for conditions or violated some other traffic rules.

Proven carelessness might lead to personal injury lawsuits. The parents of the child who died could file a wrongful death claim for mental anguish and the loss of their child’s companionship. The results may produce a settlement or a jury award.

No criminal or civil action can fully satisfy the emotional losses parents face following the death of a child. Courts can provide justice and compensation for the injured or families experiencing a loved one’s loss.