You have likely heard that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, that they result in higher accident fatality rates and that their small size and lack of safety features play a large role. Statistically speaking, this is correct. Motorcycles do result in more deaths because many accidents that people may survive in cars end up taking lives with motorcycles.

But are there any ways that motorcycles can actually make you safer? Why do some people still think they can be safer than cars, despite the statistics?

One reason is that motorcyclists, due to their speed and agility, may actually be able to avoid accidents that you could never avoid in a car. For instance, to avoid a rear-end accident in a traffic jam, a motorcyclist may be able to accelerate up between the rows of stopped cars. A driver in a car would have nowhere to go and would get hit.

A motorcyclist can also see much more than a driver in a car. Turning his or her head, the rider can see in every direction without blind spots. If riders are aware and pay attention, they can sometimes spot hazards in advance and avoid accidents.

On top of that, motorcyclists tend to be more focused on their environment. Being so exposed, they feel like they are part of it. Drivers often get distracted by food, friends, cellphones and much more. They feel cut off from the world around them.

As you can see, there are things that make motorcycles a safe way to get around. However, you can still get injured when another driver makes a mistake and causes an accident, and that’s when you need to understand your rights to financial compensation.