Are medical bills covered by auto insurance in a car accident in Wisconsin, the answer is yes, but they must be proven as caused by the automobile collision.  First, we must prove the other driver’s negligence caused the accident.  The other driver’s negligence does not have to be the only cause but rather “a cause” because an accident or collision may have more than one cause.  Someone’s negligence caused the accident if it was a substantial factor in producing the crash.  An accident may be caused by one person’s negligence or by the combined negligence of two or more people.  In order to recover a personal injury settlement from another driver’s insurance company, the other driver’s negligence in causing the accident must be equal to or greater than that of the injured person.

To recover medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering we must prove that our client, by the greater weight of the credible evidence, to a reasonable certainty, has sustained such damages as a result of the accident and the amount of the damages.  The amount should reasonably compensate the injured person for the damages from the accident.

For medical bills charged as a result of an automobile accident, the question is what sum of money will fairly and reasonably compensate you for past health care services such as doctor, clinic, hospital and other medical bills. Billing statements are used as evidence for health care services received since the accident. These billing statements establish the value, reasonableness, and necessity of health care services provided to you, but we must still prove whether the health care services were provided for the injuries sustained by you as a result of the accident.  The other driver’s auto insurance can challenge the reasonableness and necessity of the past health care services but it has the burden to prove they were not reasonable and necessary for the injuries.  The injured person must still prove that the health care services were provided for the injuries sustained as a result of the automobile accident.

For future medical bills, you are entitled to recover money for health care services in the future for injuries sustained as a result of the automobile collision.  We must prove the sum of money for future medical bills is will be reasonably and necessarily incurred in the future to care for you due to the accident.  This is not easy to prove and it cannot be based on speculation.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin McCormick Law Office gets the best results for medical bills when the doctor or hospital provides a certified itemized billing statement and records that tie the medical services to the accident.  Believe in better.