A neck fracture is a serious injury that has the potential to impact your health and well being in a number of ways. For example, if you don’t receive proper treatment for a neck fracture, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a full recovery.

A neck fracture requires immediate and ongoing medical treatment. The proper amount of rest, especially in the early days of your recovery, is important to your overall physical and mental health.

Healing time varies and is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The severity of your neck fracture
  • The location of your neck fracture
  • Your age
  • Your overall level of health

As you recover, your doctor may suggest that you consult with a physical therapist. Not only does this keep your muscles strong, but it can also speed up the recovery process.

Since a neck fracture has the potential to cause life-long issues, you may require long-term rehabilitation. For example, this is common if you also suffered nerve damage.

Long-term rehabilitation may include psychotherapy, occupational therapy and joining a support group.

A neck fracture is caused by severe trauma to your neck, such as in a motor vehicle accident, blow to the head, fall from height or slip and fall accident.

If you injure your neck at work, stop what you’re doing and remain calm. You want to remain still until help arrives, as attempting to move can worsen your injury.

Once you understand your prognosis, learn more about your ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on the severity, you may also qualify for Social Security disability.