The accident happens so quickly that you barely realize what’s going on until your car comes to a stop. After taking a moment to gather yourself, you get out to talk to the other driver.

That driver is already looking at the front end of his or her own car. As you start walking over, the driver just hops back in and drives away.

What now? You know that the other driver caused the crash, but you have never been in a hit-and-run before. Here are five tips that can help:

  • Stay at the scene. It’s already a hit-and-run, but you’re in the right. Stay where you are and give your account to the police.
  • Do not chase or confront that other driver. You may feel like giving chase makes sense, assuming that person will never be caught if you don’t, but you just put others in danger if you aggressively engage in a car chase.
  • Try to write down as much of the other person’s driver’s license plate as possible, even if it is not the whole thing. Anything may help if the police locate a damaged and suspicious vehicle.
  • Write down other identifying information, such as the make and model of the other car, the color of the vehicle and anything you can remember about the driver.
  • Get in touch with the police. The sooner they know to be on the lookout, the better the chances that they will find that vehicle.

As you work your way through the whole process, especially if you were injured, make sure you know what options you have to seek compensation.

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