Springtime brings the annual tradition of bikers hitting the roads of Wisconsin after a long hibernation of frozen and snow-covered surfaces. Although the moment is joyous for thousands of bikers from and around the Badger State, there are increased risks for riders as they are exposed to more of the hazards on the road.

Bikers often move in groups, especially during community or club rides on the weekends. This often pulls back the danger of solo motorcyclists being ignored by drivers and struck by accident. But tight groupings of any vehicles may experience problems if formations have to adapt to accidents or sudden obstructions.

A chain reaction in a formation of bikers near Fond du Lac started with gravel in the road, one of the worst hazards for motorcycles on curves. The rider attempted to lay her bike down gently but failed and lost her 9-year-old passenger into the road. Both females survived, but riders behind them had to react to the incident.

Another biker had to avoid the crash and also laid his bike down. His passenger was also injured, and another biker from outside the group overturned his motorcycle attempting to stop before striking any of the other affected bikes and people.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may have suffered due to others’ negligence or reckless driving. If this is true, they may have a case for financial damages that may cover medical expenses and the loss of income during a long period of recovery. An attorney can help clarify these issues and protect a person’s interests during a civil lawsuit.