There wouldn’t be much to buy at the mall or the grocery store without trucks. Even devotees of online shopping must admit deliveries rely on trucks. Although they can pose problems on the highways, trucks and truckers are due respect for keeping our economy moving.

Wisconsin’s place at the headlands of the Midwest makes it a big destination and stopover for trucks. Accidents are rare among professional truck drivers, but the sheer size and lack of maneuverability that are featured in trucks can make a collision a major and unwieldy experience that can cause injury or even death.

Two truckers are recovering in the hospital after their rigs collided on Interstate 94 in Jackson County near Black River Falls. One semi was parked on the right shoulder of the highway when it was hit by the other traveling eastbound in the right lane. The force of the strike also sheared the wall off the stationary trailer, spilling noodles on the road and forcing a closure of the interstate while it was cleaned up.

The accident occurred in the pre-dawn hours when visibility is often low. Fog, rain and other weather events can make night driving especially hazardous. It is advisable to reduce speed and add extra distance between vehicles when it is harder to see on the roadway.

Victims of injurious or damaging truck accidents, as well as the families of incapacitated or deceased victims, have the right to seek reimbursement for medical expenses, compensation for emotional distress and other costs that people may face after a tragedy. Legal representation may help victims shape their case and determine the best way to a settlement or civil court verdict that satisfies their claims.