It is hard to accept that someone’s negligence or poor decision-making could cost someone their life. Sometimes, surviving loved ones can gain some measure of justice by seeking financial damages in a civil lawsuit.

A Wisconsin company is one of several defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of a man who died in an explosion while he helped build a hospital. The 30-year-old man died three weeks after a boiler burst in a physical plant for a future structure.

Two workers died during the incident and 14 others were injured. The plaintiff is the mother of one of the men who was injured. He died three weeks later in a medically induced coma due to burns on his lungs.

This was the first major incident in more than 18 months of construction on a new hospital wing as well as offices and the plant that suffered the explosion. The suit is claiming more than $1 million in damages that include compensation for the destructive effect of the event as well as reimbursement for medical expenses during the three-week attempt to save the worker’s life.

The owners of a site, the managers of operations or the vendors of defective equipment may be the defendants of a wrongful death lawsuit. A plaintiff must prove that it was a person’s or organization’s action or failure to act as expected which caused a death.

An attorney can help the survivors of a wrongful death victim sort out the necessary details and consider the value of a settlement or verdict in civil court.