Workers’ compensation is a protection that workers have in case something happens to them while they are working. It is imperative that you know your rights if you are injured on the job.

We understand that having to wade through the plethora of laws and regulations related to workers’ compensation is time consuming and difficult. We are here to answer your questions and help you learn what you can do so that you don’t have to guess or spend untold hours trying to find a straight answer to your question.

Illnesses and injuries are covered

Workers’ compensation coverage applies to a host of different circumstances. Injuries due to accidents, repetitive motion injuries and workplace-related illnesses are all covered. The important point here is that your issue is caused by something related to work. We can review your case to help you determine if workers’ compensation is appropriate.

Time limits apply

There are a variety of time limits that apply to workers’ compensation coverage. The time you have to file your benefits and to appeal decisions must be adhered to. There are also time limits for how long you can receive specific benefits. Make sure that you understand time limits that apply to your case because missing those deadlines can negatively impact your claim.

We know that you are probably wary and ready to get things handled. We can help you to find options that you need related to your workers’ compensation case. Whether you need assistance filing your initial claim or think that you need to file an appeal, we are here to help you.