Workers comp low back pain treatment is whenever possible, nonsurgical, after a worker suffers an injury on the job or has to stop working because job duties over time hurt the back.  Whether it’s a machinist, truck driver, iron worker or boilermaker, the first goal of these nonsurgical treatments is to ease your pain and other symptoms.

Bed Rest

In cases of severe pain, doctors may suggest a short period of bed rest, usually no more than two days. Lying on your back can take pressure off sore discs and nerves. Most doctors advise against strict bed rest and prefer that patients do ordinary activities using pain to gauge how much is too much.  While off work for a work injury, the employee is entitled to TTD benefits after a certain amount of time off.

Back Brace

A back support belt is sometimes recommended when back pain first strikes. It can help provide support and lower the pressure inside a problem disc. Patients are encouraged to gradually discontinue wearing the support belt over a period of two to four days. Otherwise, back muscles begin to rely on the belt and start to shrink (atrophy).


Many different types of medications are typically prescribed to help gain control of the symptoms of low back pain. There is no medication that will cure low back pain. Medications are prescribed to help with sleep disturbances and to help control pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

In addition to other nonsurgical treatments, doctors often ask their patients to work with a physical therapist. Therapy treatments focus on relieving pain, improving back movement, and fostering healthy posture. A therapist can design a rehabilitation program to address a particular condition and to help the patient prevent future problems. There is a great deal of scientific proof that exercise and increased overall fitness reduce the risk of developing back pain and can improve the symptoms of back pain once it begins.

If an injured worker returns to work at this point, doing his same job for the same rate of pay, permanent disability benefits are usually not due.  On the other hand, if there are work-related permanent restrictions, PPD benefits may be payable.

Attorneys at McCormick Law Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin get the largest settlements in workers comp low back pain treatment cases involving severe permanent restrictions preventing a return to work.  Injured workers often contact an attorney only after worker’s compensation benefits are denied or cut off or the worker cannot return to her former job as a result of the workers’ compensation injury or condition.  Its best to get an honest and trustworthy appraisal by calling.