Workers comp low back pain rehabilitation in workers compensation nonsurgical cases involves an active approach to therapy to help you attain better muscle function, so you can return to work duties. Active rehabilitation speeds recovery, reducing the possibility that back pain will become a chronic problem. Activity helps you resume normal activity as swiftly as possible. Though you’ll be cautioned about trying to do too much, too quickly, you’ll be guided toward a return to your usual activities. This approach gives you a greater sense of control. You’ll take an active role in learning how to care for your back pain.

Your therapist will show you how to keep your spine safe during routine activities. You’ll learn about healthy posture and how posture relates to the future health of your spine. And you’ll learn about body mechanics, how the body moves and functions during activity. Your therapist will also teach safe body mechanics to help you protect your low back as you go about your day. This includes the use of safe positions and movements while lifting and carrying, standing and walking, and performing work duties.

As you recover, you will gradually advance in a series of strengthening exercises for the abdominal and low back muscles. Working these core muscles can help you begin moving easier and lessens the chances of future pain and problems.

As the rehabilitation program evolves, you will progress with more challenging exercises. The goal is to safely advance your strength and function. Your therapist will work closely with your doctor and employer to help you get back on the job as quickly as reasonably possible. You may be required to do lighter duties at first, but as soon as you are able, you’ll begin doing your normal work activities. Your therapist can also do a work assessment to make sure you’ll be safe to do your job. Your therapist may suggest changes that could help you work safely, with less chance of re-injuring your back. An intensive therapy, work hardening may be ordered by the doctor to get you back to work.  Finally, a physical test, a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) may be directed by the therapist and the results will help the doctor or surgeon assign permanent work restrictions.

McCormick Law Office attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are familiar with physical therapists for workers comp low back pain rehabilitation.  The best results come from a PT who understands the physical job demands of the injured worker. An FCE gives the most trustworthy and honest results when the injured worker gives a consistent and realistic effort.  Too little effort or going all out on every task will not give legitimate results.