In Wisconsin workers compensation, you can pick your doctor.  You may choose any physician, and some other specialists, licensed in the state.  You are allowed two different choices under the law, however, any health care provider one of your two choices refers you to, is considered part of that choice.  Therefore, it is best to have your first treating doctor refer you to specialists so you retain your second choice.

Your employer or the insurance company has the right to have you examined by a practitioner of its choice. Your compensation may be delayed if you do not agree to have these examinations.  When the insurance company demands this “independent examination” many injured worker’s choose to contact an attorney. 

You have the right to every type of treatment which is reasonable and necessary to cure you, as ordered by your practitioner. This includes hospitalization, therapy, tests and prosthetic devices. Medicine is paid for, as is reasonable travel expense necessary to receive treatment.

If the worker’s compensation insurance company denies paying for your work-related treatment, your attorney will include those bills in your worker’s compensation case.