When you are injured at work, one of your first thoughts is probably getting medical care. Once the reality of the injury sets in, you might start to worry about how you are going to pay your bills while you are off work. In some cases, the answer to that is workers’ compensation. As we discussed last week, there are some instances in which workers’ compensation isn’t going to pay for your injuries.

When you are dealing with a work-related injury, you might have expenses that you didn’t expect. Not only do you have to pay your regular bills, you might also have other expenses to cover. Your medical care might be covered, but transportation costs and other similar costs aren’t covered. Some medications or necessary aids might not be covered.

We know that you might be worried about your finances. You are probably also worried about your health. You might even be facing a situation in which one doctor recommends surgery but another doctor says you are healthy enough to go to work. In all those cases, we can help you to explore your options for seeking compensation.

We know that you need to focus on healing after the accident. We understand that having to deal with a lot of legal work might not be something you can handle right now. While you focus on the treatment plan your doctor gives you, we can focus on your case. No matter what type of work-related injury you have, even if it is a degenerative injury caused by years of repetitive motion, we can help you learn your options.