A Minnesota woman was seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck in Polk County, Wisconsin, late in the month of April. The accident occurred on Highway 8 in a roundabout on a Saturday night. The victim, 36, sustained life-threatening injuries in the crash.

The accident occurred around 10:30 p.m. and involved a motorcycle with two occupants. The motorcycle was traveling westbound on Polk County’s Highway 8 when the operator of the bike failed to properly negotiate the roundabout located at the intersection of Highway 46 southbound.

Police state that the motorcycle went into the center of the roundabout, running through the grass, lost control and crashed on the back side of the mound in the middle. Both the operator and the passenger sustained injuries. The female victim was the passenger on the bike. She was airlifted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. The operator was transported to the same hospital via ambulance.

According to police, neither victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. The driver, believed to be the woman’s husband, was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence 3rd offense. The male victim was transported with what police described as non-life-threatening injuries.

Motorcycle safety is tantamount to riders of all ages and experience levels. Road conditions, inclement weather, inexperience, high rates of speed and many other factors can play a role in these horrific crashes.

Driving under the influence while operating a motorcycle can lead to massive fines and lengthy prison terms.

Motorcycle accident victims can recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and even punitive damages. Punitive damages are damages handed down by the court meant to punish the defendant in these cases. Some common medical expenses that can be recovered include ambulatory rides, therapy, rehabilitation, tests, medication, surgeries and much more.

An experienced personal injury attorney can answer all of your questions about the catastrophic injuries sustained during your motorcycle accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Source: Hudson Patch, “36-Year-Old Minnesota Woman Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Crash,” Scott Anderson, April 24, 2017