From freight trucks that carry necessary groceries and other goods to construction vehicles that are essential in building infrastructure, trucks are a vital part of life for Wisconsin residents. Occasionally, careless driving or unfortunate circumstances lead to truck accidents. When injury or death occurs because of the action of a truck driver or trucking company, victims can seek compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

An investigation is still pending in a Wisconsin trucking accident that occurred on Thursday, Jan. 16. According to reports, a college student operating a Wisconsin Union truck ran over a woman. The woman died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

The medical examiner released the woman’s identity on Saturday, Jan. 18. She worked at Memorial Library as a senior academic librarian. Statements from the University of Wisconsin identified the woman as a data and library systems expert. Coworkers indicated that the woman was well liked and always made others smile.

The Wisconsin Union issued a statement offering condolences. The Union also stated that it is conducting a review of its safety practices in conjunction with the accident. City police are also conducting an accident investigation.

A personal injury lawsuit doesn’t require traffic or criminal charges from police, though such charges can be helpful in proving a plaintiff’s case. Prior to seeking a compensation claim, it’s a good idea to wait for official investigation results. Plaintiffs can then launch their own private investigations or build a case for negligence or fault using information gathered by law enforcement. In either case, understanding civil law requirements and the court system can help ensure the best possible result.

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