A witness’ response to a hit-and-run auto accident helped Milwaukee police find the driver authorities believe was responsible for striking and critically injuring a pedestrian. The witness was a driver on North Farwell Avenue, who watched as a speeding driver near East North Avenue crashed into a woman — causing her to go airborne — and sped away from the scene.

The accident observer said he heard a smacking sound when the woman was struck by the car. He also witnessed the crash victim’s body “launched into the air” and heard screams from bystanders. Not knowing whether he had seen a fatal car accident, the witness decided to pursue and track the fleeing driver in hopes he would be able to help authorities identify and arrest the motorist.

The hit-and-run suspect’s vehicle was a dark-colored Volkswagen Jetta, identified clearly by the witness because he was friends with someone who owned a nearly-identical car. The witness’s pursuit of the suspect ended when the fleeing driver sped away through traffic. The follower said he simply could not catch up with the Jetta. The chase did last long enough for the witness to gather information and give officials a full description of the accident and the escaped vehicle.

The leads provided by the witness proved useful to Milwaukee accident investigators. Police officers used the information to track the damaged Jetta to a garage in the home of a 22-year-old man. The hit-and-run suspect was arrested and jailed for causing the pedestrian crash.

A court hearing date was set. The Jetta driver has not been released on bail. Details of the charges facing the suspect were not reported.

The medical condition of the woman who was hit along North Farwell Avenue remained critical days after the accident. Her relatives said the accident victim suffered internal bleeding and a crushed pelvis. Doctors told family members that the patient’s condition worsened since she was admitted to the hospital.

Source: todaystmj4.com, “Witness recalls east side hit-and-run crash,” Annie Sholz, March 23, 2012