Losing a child to a sudden accident is likely a great fear of many Wisconsin parents. The loss of any loved one is tragic, but seeing a young member of the family or community lost is particularly devastating. One Peoria community came together at a memorial event after an 11-year-old boy was killed in a truck accident on Monday, May 7.

According to reports, the boy was on his way to school. He was walking and making his way through traffic when a truck struck him. Authorities say he was pronounced brain dead.

A neighbor witnessed the accident. He said he knew the accident was bad, and he immediately ran to get the boy’s parents. The neighbor was one of the people at the memorial, which drew hundreds of residents. He said he had just made fishing poles for the boy, his own son and some friend. The boys were going to go fishing together.

Another man spoke at the memorial, saying he was going to coach track at the elementary school, and the 11-year-old boy had expressed interest in running. A third man said he tried to watch out for kids in the area. He said adults should watch for all the kids in the area, telling children to get out of the street. Some individuals at the memorial talked about the need for additional crossing guards or signs in the area.

Families who lose a child in a car accident of any kind have a right to seek compensation for losses from a negligent or at-fault driver. Investigations may be required to determine how the accident occurred, and an understanding of legal rights and procedures helps families navigate options for claims.

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