A Wisconsin manufacturer is facing fines for various violations and worker injuries. The company in question manufactures steel pipes and tubes. The company has been identified as Felker Brothers Corp. It faces fines totaling more than $110,000 from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Regulators from OSHA discovered 13 issues at one of the company’s facilities, located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. OSHA confirmed that they know of at least one employee who has been exposed to high levels of hexavalent chromium. The employee in question works at the facility as the operator of a grinder. The employee, according to the OSHA investigation, was exposed at a rate of 1.8 percent more than what is legally allowed.

The press release from OSHA also noted an incident surrounding a second employee who was injured by a mobile piece of machinery. The employee suffered a shattered jaw and a concussion, causing him to be hospitalized.

Aside from the two employees who were injured in separate incidents, OSHA also found various violations by the company. Those violations included failing to inspect jacks, changes to forklifts without the approval of manufacturers, damages cranes and allowing the storage of combustible materials within 35 feet of welding work.

The company has not released a statement following the announcement of the violations by OSHA.

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Source: Business Insurance, “Manufacturer faces OSHA fines for worker injuries, other violations,” Gloria Gonzalez, Aug. 28, 2017