Accidents on the road are an unfortunate fixture of life in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States. Although caution and care on the road reduce the risk of a damaging or injurious accident, the possibility is never gone.

A Wisconsin family is struggling with emotional and financial difficulties after a sudden loss in a roadside accident. A 42-year-old father living in Cottage Grove was killed recently when a vehicle struck him while he was making a delivery contracted to his trucking company.

The victim’s wife is also expecting another child shortly. Her baby shower became a time of grief when she learned the news. Beyond the emotional pain for the family, the widow and their family are faced with the expense of fulfilling traditional funeral rites and providing for the future of the children.

“I can’t wait to share all the beautiful memories I have of my husband with her, and explain to her the kind of man he was and how much he loved her,” the victim’s widow said.

The family has launched an online fundraiser to help provide the family with the required resources, and the effort showed some early success. A lawsuit for financial damages is often the last resort for the resources a family needs to get past a tragedy.

The families and estates of fatal car accident victims have the right to sue responsible parties for reimbursement of related expenses and compensation for pain and emotional distress. An attorney can confer with victims and their families to plan the best response to a tragedy.