Warm weather brings new life to the fields of Wisconsin, and it also brings more drivers onto the state’s roads. One of the most popular weekend pastimes is motorcycle trips, and many small towns across the Badger State hear the roar of bikes periodically on Saturdays and Sundays. One thing no one wants to hear, however, is the sound of metal on metal.

Are traffic accidents more dangerous for bikers than other drivers?

Yes. The lack of protection that motorcycles offer their drivers and passengers compared to cars and trucks means that any collision could be disastrous or fatal. In 2016, motorcyclists died 28 times more often in crashes than drivers of other vehicles.

What are the dangers that bikers have to look out for?

Motorcycles are often not visible to drivers, and therefore, are more likely to be struck in an accident in which a driver simply didn’t know there was someone to hit. Keeping your distance from other vehicles is vital because it makes it more likely to be seen before a collision. Alcohol is also a significant factor in motorcycle fatalities, so drivers should be sure they do not drive drunk.

What can motorcyclists do if they have been struck by a vehicle?

Victims of motorcycle injuries have the right to seek financial damages from drivers who may have been legally liable for the consequences of the collision. The same is true for the survivors and family of motorcycle fatalities. An attorney can help shape the possibility of seeking reimbursement or compensation through lawsuits, civil claims or other legal means.