It does not cost an injured worker any money to hire an experienced workers comp attorney.  In Wisconsin, worker’s compensation attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we successfully help you get benefits.  If you are being paid worker’s compensation benefits, you can hire an attorney to advise you and protect your rights but we do not take any portion of the conceded benefits.  We usually wait to get paid at the end of the claim, after we help you get more benefits than the insurance company would have paid without our involvement.

The sooner you hire a workers compensation attorney, the sooner your rights are protected.  The insurance company is supposed to treat injured workers fairly and in good faith.  But, the insurance company does not have to educate the injured worker about his rights or help the injured worker get all the benefits he or she is entitled to.  For that, the injured worker is responsible to himself or herself.  To know your rights and to maximize your benefits, now is the time to consult with an experienced workers comp attorney.

At McCormick Law Office, first we speak with you on the telephone.  Then, if it sounds like we may be able to help, we ask you to come in to the office with the medical records so we can review the records and discuss your case and your options in more detail.  If both of us agree to go forward, we become your attorney and are responsible for dealing with the insurance company adjuster and attorneys.  During our representation, we provide advice and advocacy, but we only get paid the 20% attorney fee on benefits that we help obtain for you. Usually, these are the additional benefits that come after the insurance company cuts off benefits, often after the so-called “independent medical exam.”  But by having an experienced workers compensation lawyer on your side before benefits are denied, you and your attorney are better prepared for when the time does come.