As a driver, there aren’t many times when you want to come across a police officer. Typically, when this happens, it means you’re being pulled over for something you did wrong.

However, there are times when it makes sense to call the police as a driver.

  • You were in an accident: Even if it’s a minor fender bender, it’s smart to call the police to the scene. The officer can improve the safety of everyone in the area, while also creating a police report.
  • You spotted a drunk driver: If you see someone who is too drunk to drive, call 911 so a nearby officer can respond and potentially get them off the road. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to reporting a drunk driver.
  • To report an aggressive driver: There are drivers who are too aggressive to be on the road. They scream at others, cut them off and make the roads an overall unsafe place to drive. Just the same as a drunk driver, an officer can respond to the scene to determine if it makes sense to take action.

No matter why you’re calling the police, make sure you’re safe when doing so. For example, if you’re reporting another driver, move to the shoulder of the road before picking up the phone. You don’t want to cause an accident while you’re trying to do the right thing.

Should another driver be responsible for causing an accident, you definitely want police at the scene. This gives you peace of mind, while also helping in the future when filing an insurance claim and seeking compensation.