No one wants to be involved in a car accident. But if or when they happen, here is what the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motorist’s Handbook recommends when one is involved in a car accident.

Do not stop at a crash unless you are involved or unless emergency help has not yet arrived. Keep your attention on your driving and keep moving, watching for people who might be in or near the road. Never drive to the scene of a crash, fire or other disaster just to look. You may block the way for police, firefighters, ambulances, tow trucks and other rescue vehicles.

No matter how good a driver you are, there may be a time when you are involved in a crash. If you are involved in a crash you must stop. If you are involved in a crash with a parked vehicle, you must locate the owner or leave a note. If any person is injured or killed, the police must

be notified. It is a crime to leave a crash site where your vehicle was involved if there is an injury or death and before police have talked to you and gotten all the information they need about the crash.

If You Are In A Crash

Stop your vehicle at or near the crash site. If your vehicle can be moved, get it off the road so it does not block traffic or cause another crash. Do not stand or walk in traffic lanes. You could be struck by another vehicle. Turn off the ignition of wrecked vehicles. Do not smoke around wrecked vehicles. Fuel could have spilled and fire is a real danger. If there are power lines down with wires in the road, do not go near them. Make sure other traffic will not be involved in the crash.

If Someone is Injured

Get help. Make sure the police and emergency medical or rescue squad have been called. If there is a fire or downed power lines, tell the police when they are called.

Aid the injured. Do not move the injured unless they are in a burning vehicle or in immediate danger of being hit by another vehicle. Moving a person can make their injuries worse. First help anyone who is not already walking and talking. Check for breathing first, then check for bleeding. If there is bleeding, apply pressure directly on the wound using your hand or a cloth. Do not give an injured person anything to drink, not even water. To help prevent an injured person from going into shock, cover them with a blanket or coat to keep them warm.

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