Motorcycle accidents can lead to a host of injuries. One of the possible injuries is a hip fracture. This injury is likely to be caused by the force of hitting the ground when your bike falls, by the weight of the bike if it lands on your hip or by the force of the vehicle if you are struck directly on the hip. Regardless of how your hip was fractured in the accident, you should be aware of some points regarding hip fractures.

What are some signs that I fractured a hip?

A fractured hip will causes severe pain on the affected side. You probably won’t be able to get up off the ground after the crash if you fractured your hip. While you might have some motion in the affected leg, you likely won’t be able to straighten it out in a normal manner. Your leg on the affected side might look shorter than your other leg.

What kind of care is necessary after a hip fracture?

In most cases, you will need to have surgery on the hip to repair it. In severe cases, you may need to have the hip replaced. Whether you need to have your hip repaired or replaced, you will be on bed rest for awhile so that your hip can heal. You will likely have to relearn how to walk when you are able to put weight on the affected hip again.

The cost of medical care and rehabilitation after a hip fracture can be great. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was someone else’s fault, a personal injury can provide guidance regarding seeking compensation.

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