Drivers share the roads of Wisconsin with every type of vehicle. Car and pickup truck drivers often see tractor-trailers on the interstates and other limited-access highways, and some people heading down smaller roads may even see a bicycle or cross-country skier. But there are few combinations more dangerous on the road than car drivers and truck drivers who are not prepared for each other.

What is the most common type of accident involving cars and trucks?

Most operators of truck lines will say that a rear-end collision is the most common accident affecting cars and trucks. This is especially dangerous because cars can slide under trailers, causing severe trauma to drivers and front-seat passengers.

Why is this so likely to happen on the roads?

Many are results of cars following too close or trucks stopping too quickly to provide proper stopping distance. A study by the Utah Department of Transportation showed that stopping distances for trucks with trailers is nearly double than the distance for cars at 65 mph while trucks’ distances are more than 50 percent longer than cars’ distances at 40 mph.

What is the easiest way to avoid these accidents?

Cars should follow trucks at twice the distance their drivers would leave behind a preceding car. This increases the chance drivers have enough reaction time to avoid a collision.

What should I do if I have been in a truck accident?

After informing emergency services and your insurance provider, you may consider legal representation. An accident may result in financial damages to help drivers and passengers recover from damage or injury.