What is my car accident worth is asked by people injured in motor vehicle collisions in Wisconsin. The answer depends on several facts, which will be discussed below. Personal injury settlements take skill and hard work. Here are some of the factors that play into MVA case settlements.


First, in order to recover money from another driver, we must prove that other driver was negligent in his or her driving at or immediately before the collision. This means showing that the driver broke a rule of the road such as was speeding or failed to yield the right of way or went through a red light. Secondly, we must prove that the driver’s negligence caused the injuries or other losses incurred by our client. For example, a guy runs a red light, broadsides another car carrying a driver and one passenger. The other driver, Ms. Smith, suffers a broken leg and misses a month of work. The passenger, Mr. Green, is shaken up and but doesn’t seek medical treatment, feels he developed gout from the accident and missed work. Ms. Smith will be able to prove her injury and wage loss was caused by defendant’s going through the red light. However, Mr. Green will probably not find a medical doctor to opine that gout was caused by the MVA.


Assuming we can prove negligence and causation, what are the types of damages one can recover in an accident? Any losses caused by the negligence and they are generally categorized as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Medical bills for the past, bills reasonably and necessarily been incurred from the date of the accident up to through the settlement date or trial are recoverable. Future medical bills are recoverable if they will be reasonably and necessarily in the future as a result of the accident.

Past lost wages, or more precisely, loss of earning capacity, means the difference between what one was reasonably capable of earning in their usual occupation from the date of the accident to the present time had they not been injured and what they actually earned during that time. Future loss of earning capacity is recoverable if evidence reasonably supports the claim.

Money for past pain and suffering is what the jury believes will fairly and reasonably compensate for the pain, suffering, and disability suffered from the date of the accident up to this time as a result of the accident. Future pain and suffering is similarly recoverable if caused by the accident.

McCormick Law Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recovers for clients what their car accident worth is believed to be by juries and insurance companies estimate of what a jury would do.