When you leave for work, school or errands each day, you will likely encounter quite a few large trucks on your route. These trucks will range in height, width, weight and overall size. Larger trucks are often seen in tragic accidents. So, what are some of the most common causes of accidents with trucks in Milwaukee?

A common cause of truck accidents is inadequate training for the driver of the truck. This can involve anything regarding the operation of the truck, including making turns, knowing the height of the truck, defensive driving and overall driving techniques when operating a truck.

Another cause of truck accidents is when the truck driver has not gotten adequate amounts of sleep or taken the required break when behind the wheel. Truck drivers must follow regulations set forth by the federal government when it comes to the amount of time they can drive their rigs. If they go over these time frames, it can lead to drowsiness and tragic accidents.

Speed is also a big factor in truck accidents in Wisconsin. Trucks that get moving on the highway have trouble stopping on short notice due to size and weight. Speed often plays a role in truck accidents, even if the truck is not technically speeding at the time of the crash.

Have you been injured in a truck accident in Wisconsin? An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with your legal options. The sooner you can do so, the more details you will be able to remember, which can be very important for your legal case.

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