From Madison to Mellen, Wisconsin requires a car to experience fully. For an overwhelming majority of towns across the Badger State, cars and other personal vehicles are the only reliable way to get around. Commutes and trips to the mall are easily forgettable, as they happen in the hundreds, but accidents always stand out.

The worst accidents for some are the one they cannot resolve. One victim of a hit-and-run truck accident in Milwaukee had to track down the vehicle and the driver that struck him. The man’s car was totaled while two other vehicles were damaged and he managed to obtain video evidence of the crash.

A friend made the connection from Wisconsin State Patrol footage to a car carrier at a Caledonia vehicle auction. The amateur investigator then used a flyer campaign to identify the driver and forward his identity to law enforcement.

“People maybe stand up for themselves a little more and push the issue instead of just being brushed off,” the victim said. He is also facing trouble with his insurance company and has yet to get a replacement car.

Although the prosecutor in the case decline to press criminal hit-and-run charges, victims of car accidents involving trucks may have a case for financial damages against individual operators or trucking companies that create unsafe driving conditions.

Legal representation is often a good idea for people recovering from truck accidents, as well as those having trouble holding their insurers accountable. A lawyer can also work with prosecutors to gather evidence so victims do not also have to investigate on their own.