An accident involving a semitruck and a van pulling a camper occurred on Nov. 7 around 1:17 p.m. The accident occurred on I-43 in Ozaukee County, closing all southbound lanes of the highway just south of Highway 60 in Grafton. All of the southbound traffic on I-43 had to be diverted off the highway to Port Washington Road.

According to the police report, a van that was pulling a camper was traveling on I-43 in the southbound lanes when it began to slow down for traffic ahead. The Sheriff’s Department noted that as the van with the camper slowed for traffic it was hit from behind by a semitruck.

The impact of the crash led to the semitruck becoming jackknifed into the median of the highway. The southbound lanes of I-43 had to be closed for quite some time due to debris being strewn all over the roadway by the camper being towed by the van.

Three victims injured in the crash were transported to Aurora Hospital with injuries that police said were not life-threatening. Roughly 70,000 pounds worth of paper products had to be unloaded from the semitruck. This was done with help from the Ozaukee County Highway Department. The hazardous waste team from the county also responded to the accident to clean up diesel fuel that spilled from the semitruck during the accident.

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Source: journal sentinel, “All lanes reopened on southbound I-43 near Wis. 60 in Grafton after traffic accident,” Nov. 07, 2017