Truck accidents are deadly motor vehicle crashes that occur on our Wisconsin roads. They can happen at any time or place and can have deadly results to all those involved. Though any crash involving a truck is serious, when a truck is involved in a crash with passenger automobile the injuries and damages can be extremely serious. In order to prevent these crashes from occurring truck drivers and their employers, trucking companies or motor carriers, must follow laws, rules and regulations that are set by the U.S. Federal government and the Wisconsin state government.

Before being able to drive a truck, an operator must pass a series of examinations. A requirement for driving a majority of the trucks on the road is Wisconsin is to get a Certified Driver’s License or “CDL.” Additionally, individuals normally must pass medical examinations to test their physical and mental ability to operate a truck. Truck drivers should be taught additional rules and regulations by their employers. These rules and regulations are supposed to make sure that a truck driver knows the proper steps to take before, during and after their trips on the road. Trucking company employers must make sure that their employees are trained in the federal and Wisconsin state regulations for operating their trucks. These trucking company employers must also monitor their drivers to make sure that they are well-rested and that they do not drive when they are fatigued. Trucking companies must make sure that their trucks are in good working and mechanical conditions and evaluate their equipment so that they can repair any problems. Truck drivers who are responsible for loading and unloading trailers and cargo must know the proper procedure and steps to make sure that their trucks are well-loaded and secure.

As you can see, there are many laws, rules and regulations that a truck driver and a trucking company must obey to be allowed on a road. When a truck driver and a trucking company do not follow these rules and regulations they can cause serious and fatal accidents on our Wisconsin roadways. We know that these truck drivers and trucking companies can be at fault for these accidents and there are many different forms of legal action to take.  McCormick Law Office attorneys work hard for your recovery against truck drivers, truck companies and their insurance company. We know the impact truck accidents can have on your life and we are ready to fight on your behalf. If you or family has been injured in a truck accident our office can help you recover the compensation you deserve for the failure of trucking companies to obey the rules and regulations.