There’s no way around it. You’re not going anywhere in Wisconsin if you’re not on the road. Although Milwaukee and Madison have some public transit options, and the train can be caught in the southern heartland, cars and trucks are the best way to get around the Badger State.

Drivers have to be attentive to stay safe. That means cellphones and other electronic distractions should be kept out of sight and out of hands. Construction zones, which offer their own sets of hazards to drivers, require a lot of attention and caution to avoid striking objects or other vehicles.

Inattentive driving and excessive speed may have been factors in an accident that involved six vehicles and claimed at least one life in Columbia County. The incident began on U.S. Route 151 on a Tuesday afternoon when a large box truck plowed into a minivan in front of it in a construction zone. The truck then struck a pickup truck with three people inside. One of them died at the scene.

Seven others were injured and transported to local hospitals for treatment. The other two people in the pickup truck had to be extricated by the Columbus Fire Department. Wisconsin State Patrol and the local sheriff’s office are investigating the accident.

Victims of accidents involving trucks and other heavy vehicles may have a case for reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for pain and sufferings. Families of traffic fatalities may also seek financial damages. An attorney can help advise victims and their relatives on the best way to approach a case after a tragic accident.