Wisconsin drivers know that semi-truck accidents can be fatal, especially when the incident involves a head-on collision at full speed. A truck driver is being charged in a fatal truck accident that occurred in March 2013. The truck driver is facing felony charges.

According to authorities, the accident occurred on March 28. A state trooper was parked on the side of the road after assisting a motorist on the roadway. At the same time, the truck driver, who was operating his vehicle in violation of regulations, was falling asleep at the wheel. Allegedly, the driver had been operating the vehicle for more than 14 hours without taking a required 10 hours off.

The semi-truck ran into the parked car. The force of the impact caused a fire in the state trooper’s car. According to reports, the truck driver attempted to help the trooper get out of the car, but the flames made this impossible. The trooper died at the scene. The truck driver was treated for burns to his hand.

The truck driver is being charged with falsifying records and other felonies associated with the violation of trucking regulations. Bond was set in the case at $125,000 during a hearing in late November.

A state police representative pointed out that no jail time could replace the lost trooper. While it’s also true that no amount of compensation can replace a lost loved one, when families lose someone suddenly in a tragic accident, there may be financial, medical and mental health needs to cover. Seeking compensation from an at-fault party can be a first step for loved ones who are attempting to move on with their lives.

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